CANCELLED CANCELLED PACOTA UPDATE, As the Corona virus situation unfolds and taking into account Government advice, I can confirm that PACOTA 2020 will not go ahead. Another reason is of course the venues are all closed, plus I’m sure as is the case with many of you Radio Clubs are also suspended, with no definite end in sight. I do not at this time intend to re-schedule PACOTA this year. It would be a good idea to all get on the air from home on that weekend and do a pseudo special event, you may make some new local friends! So, stay safe everyone, speak to you all sometime soon. Chris Wiseman, G1PUV/G0RDK. PACOTA Co-ordinator, South Cheshire Amateur Radio Society. Pubs Clubs On The Air PACOTA NEXT EVENT May 15th/16th/17th 2020

The fairly recent wave of “OTA” events, be it Summits, Museums, Railways, Churches, Mills, JOTA etc, seems to be a good way of spreading the word of Amateur Radio to the general public, and hopefully increasing our numbers.

With this in mind in 2017 I proposed a new “OTA”, PACOTA, “Pubs and Clubs On The Air”.

As well as increasing Amateur numbers it may help to attract more regulars, something everyone in this trade would probably welcome.  The event took place in May 2018.  Six Stations took part, this year we added to that list with 10 stations taking part.

See also hints and tips at the link below.

If you or your Radio club or Society are interested in taking part and putting on a station please complete the Web Entry Form here or alternatively e-mail and we will send you some details, hints and tips.

Maybe you need a certain bit of kit to enhance your Station, get it on your “Christmas List” now ready for next May’s activation.

See also hints and tips at the link below.

Don’t be under any illusions though, events such as this are hard work and need careful planning and preparation, this is not just an excuse for an inebriation in an Oast House.

Yours in Radio,
Chris Wiseman – GØRDK – SCARS PACOTA Organiser
November 2019

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